SAINT PAUL, MN | SATURDAY, November 9, 9 AM-4 PM 

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Each participant gets a FREE copy of the book Outsmart Your High-Stress Divorce: 39 Practical Tips for Reducing Conflict and Empowering Yourself Today!

Jenni McBride McNamara, MA LAMFT is a therapist in the Twin Cities, specializing in helping individuals manage the process of separating from, divorcing, and growing beyond high-conflict ex-partners. She has done advanced training in personality disorders and has presented to therapists throughout the cities on topics related to divorce.


We have several hopes for you as a result of this workshop!

1. You'll learn more about personality disorders and how they show up in relationship patterns

2. You'll learn what "needs" your ex is trying to get met by treating you the way they do

3. You'll learn your personal (emotional, financial, legal) vulnerabilities to your ex and how to defend against them

4. You'll learn concrete strategies to minimize conflict with your ex

5. You'll learn specific tools that will make dealing with your ex less stressful

6. You'll begin to envision your inspired identity

7. You'll learn some key red flags for future relationships


Where: 4660 Slater Road, Eagan, MN 55122

When: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Parking: Free parking!

Refreshments: Coffee and water will be provided, as well as some fruit and snacks. Lunch on your own.

What to bring: Something to write on, any handouts that were sent ahead of time, any beverage you want besides water and coffee, any snacks you may need. You may bring a lunch or find a local restaurant nearby.


Jenni McBride McNamara, MA LAMFT