Relationship Consulting

Let’s get your relationship moving.


For a limited time, you will receive a written report for FREE with the completion of two individual sessions and one couple session.

Relationship consulting serves 4 purposes: 1) Providing clarity about relationship issues, 2) prioritizing those issues so they get addressed quickly, 3) finding the right professional and/or strategies to address your priorities, and 4) providing follow-up support to make sure your goals were met.


Get focus and clarity about your relationship in 4 easy steps.

Online Relationship Assessment

Take our exclusive online assessment to determine your needs in the areas of communicaton, power dynamics, financial management, interpersonal interaction, and more.

Consulting Sessions

Meet with Jenni individually and with your partner to tell your story and share your priorities.

Two 60- to 75-minute individual sessions 

90-minute couple session 

Written Report

Jenni will write and give you a report that outlines identified issues, offers recommendations, and provides referrals as needed.


For 6-12 months, Jenni will follow up with you to see how you're doing and if you need additonal resources.


"I am and will always be grateful to you for your kindness, decency, wisdom, sensitivity, effort, coaching, teaching, and challenging dialogue."


First, I listen.

After I analyze you online assessment, I listen to what you have to say. I want to know your relationship story and I want to know how you've been affected.  

Then, I learn.

With your partner, we will work together to learn what makes sense for the two of you.  

Lastly, we move forward with focus.

I love being able to help client couples gain clarity and move toward the support they want and need. 


I’m Jenni McBride McNamara.

I’m a therapist who works with couples and individuals in crisis...and also those who aren't in crisis and don't want to be. That may be YOU. My goal in relationship consulting is to prevent crises in the future by helping you get targeted, time-appropriate professional support for whatever is going on in your relationship. 

Over the past 8 years, I've studied conflict in relationships and worked to perfect an early-intervention process for couples who now they want help or are considering separating. My hope is that providing you an opportunity to identify and meet your relationship challenges early, you will be able to get outcomes that benefit you and your family.